Tasmanian salmon has an extinction problem.

Woolworths, Coles and ALDI can help save Australia’s living dinosaur, the Maugean Skate, by not buying salmon from Macquarie Harbour.


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The Maugean Skate has lived peacefully in our seas since the dinosaurs roamed the earth But it s in critical danger The skate s last known habitat Macquarie Harbour in lutruwita Tasmania is becoming unlivable due to pollution from the salmon industry Image credit Neville Barrett

Salmon industry a “catastrophic” threat to Maugean Skate

Australian Government Conservation Advice

September 2023

September 9 2023

Supermarkets urged to boycott farmed

salmon to help save Gondwana relic

Woolworths, ALDI and Coles are the Tasmanian salmon industry’s most important customers.

They can save the skate.


Volume of Tasmanian salmon

which comes from Macquarie Harbour


Amount of salmon products

supermarkets can trace to source


Amount of supermarket salmon

products shoppers can trace to source

But isn t it Responsibly Sourced

The certification schemes used by the salmon industry and relied on by Australia’s supermarkets do not account for the conditions which make Macquarie Harbour uniquely sensitive to pollution.

Salmon farms can dump levels of waste toxic enough to make the skate’s home unlivable – but not receive any penalty from these certifications

Certifications of Macquarie Harbour salmon are currently the subject of multiple complaints and reviews.

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Where do the supermarkets stand on protecting the skate?

No commitment

Coles stocks products sourced from Macquarie Harbour It has not yet announced plans to exclude Macquarie Harbour sourced salmon from its range

No commitment

Woolworths stocks products sourced from Macquarie Harbour. It has refused requests to identify which products originate there nor to exclude Macquarie Harbour sourced salmon from its range.

No commitment

ALDI does not disclose which supplier or location it sources its Fishmonger brand Tasmanian salmon from. It has refused to exclude Macquarie Harbour salmon from its range.

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Ask supermarket staff which products are sourced from Macquarie Harbour

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Don’t buy it if you can’t verify its source

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